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Why trade alone when you can consult and copy professionals with proven records? Invest smarter by trading with Denada.

About Crypto Denada

Crypto Denada Connect to Trade

Crypto Denada aims to accelerate the social trading revolution by maximizing traders reward, and make following great traders easier.

  • Clear and competitive pricing with superior financial tools
  • Sophisticated platform, designed for both retail and professional traders
  • Real time market analysis
  • Variety of Digital Assets

Some facts

How it works


  1. Create Account
    Fast-track verification, accounts are verified within minutes
  2. Share your portfolios
    Connect account and share your trading portfolios
  3. Attract Followers
    Attract followers to subscribe to your impressive portfolios
  4. Collect the Profit
    Get paid, generate passive income!


  1. Create Account
    Fast-track verification, accounts are verified within minutes
  2. Select Impressive Portfolios
    Select and choose the best portfolios to follow
  3. Connectivity
    Get live notifications when the big guys are making a move
  4. Trading Insights
    Always be informed, make better trading decisions!

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Platform Workflow

Create Account
Exchange Account
Share & Follow
Check Your P&L
Get Paid


Membership Tiers Information

  • Free: 0 USD / Month
  • Premium: 19 USD / Month
General description

Crypto Denada platform has 2 types of membership for trading leaders and followers.

Free membership supports to get 50% of all subscription fee he's entitled to, Premium membership supports to get 80% of all subscription fee he's entitled to

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Crypto Denada?

    Crypto Denada aims to accelerate the social trading revolution by maximizing traders reward. Crypto Denada is a digital asset social trading platform that allows users to enjoy earning passive income while at the same time monitoring world class trading moves closely in our global traders network. The service provides integration to different cryptocurrency exchanges and access to portfolios of top traders around the world.

  • How do i receive my payment?

    We make payments to our trading leaders via PayPal. On a monthly basis, we will send your payment through PayPal, according to the amount recorded on your Crypto Denada account. We will do this automatically, you do not need to request any payment.

  • Can I change my subscription plan at any time?

    Yes! Crypto Denada allows you the most flexibility possible in regards to your subscription plan. If your needs increase or vary for any reason, you can change your subscription plan to fit your needs.

  • What is an exchange API key and why do I need to provide it to Crypto Denada?

    An API key is an access key to your crypto exchange account. Trade Leaders on Denada are required to provide an API key to their exchange account in order to share a portfolio. This is necessary in order to streamline the trade record fetching process and to make sure all data shared on Denada are genuine.

    Worried about security? Refer to the next question below for details.

  • Is it risky for me to provide my exchange API keys?

    When generating an API key in your exchange account, you will be able to specify the access rights of the generated key. Typically, the choices are ‘Read-only’, ‘Trade’ and ‘Withdraw’.

    Make sure that you only check ‘READ-ONLY’ when generating a key. With a Read-only API key, it will not be possible for anyone to execute a trade or withdraw funds from your exchange account.

    Worried about privacy? Refer to the question below to see how to stay anonymous.

  • Can I stay anonymous while sharing my portfolios?

    Absolutely! We know that your privacy is important to you. Head to the Settings page, and set up your Alias.

  • How do I get my exchange API keys?

    You need to login to your crypto exchange account and generate them, but the process is different for each exchange. Don’t worry, we provide a detailed guide on how to get your key from each exchange. You will find a link after logging into your Denada account and selecting ‘Create Portfolio’ tab.

  • Are the trade records / account balances real?

    All trade records / account balances are fetched directly from each crypto exchange with the Leader’s API key. No bullshit, everything is real.

  • As a Leader, how do I share my portfolio? Is it complicated?

    It's actually super easy! Just login to your account, select the role ‘Leader’ and click ‘Create Portfolio’, follow the steps and you are done! It will probably only take you 10 minutes.

  • As a Leader, can I update or delete my shared portfolio later?

    Yes! You can update your shared portfolio at any time. Login and head to Leader dashboard, alongside your shared portfolios, you will find a ‘Manage’ button, click on the button and you will be able to update your portfolio. Your followers will be notified of your changes.

    Next to the Manage button, there is a delete button for you to remove your shared portfolio on the platform. IMPORTANT: Once you've removed your portfolio, you will stop receiving payments from your followers. Even if you share the same portfolio later, other users will need to make a subscription again to be your followers. Think twice before you do this!

  • As a Follower, how do I unsubscribe a portfolio?

    Login and select the 'Follower' role, and you will see a list of portfolios you are following at the bottom of the dashboard. You will find a button to unsubscribe alongside each portfolio.

  • Have more questions?

    Reach us out at: